Call for proposals - Country Programme Monitor for a Sanitation & Hygiene Programme in Senegal


The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) established the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) to provide grant support to scale up successful sanitation and hygiene approaches targeting poor people in areas of greatest need. The GSF, together with the Programme Coordinating Mechanism (PCM) in Senegal, is developing a programme of activities to achieve the objectives of increasing sanitation coverage and improving hygienic behaviours in the country.

WSSCC, therefore is currently inviting suitably qualified firms/organizations to submit a proposal for the role of Country Programme Monitor (CPM) for the GSF grant programme in Senegal. Interested parties must submit their offer as per RFP instructions before 14h00 Geneva time by 13 February 2012. The contract duration is for 3 years with a yearly evaluation of the performance of services. For further information please click here.