Cambodia to launch Global Sanitation Fund programme on 22 March



WSSCC, together with partners and colleagues in Cambodia, will launch the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) programme there on 22 March, the UN World Water Day.

The GSF will support the government in mobilizing resources to do advocacy work, helping Cambodians in the target areas gain better access to sanitation and improve their hygiene practices.

The target population is 400,000 households in 2,000 villages in an estimated 300 rural communes and 100 districts that have less than 50% sanitation coverage at household level. The initial geographic focus of the programme is the plains and coastal regions of the country.

Cambodia joins Madagascar,  Malawi, Nepal and Senegal, all of whom launched last year with multi-million dollar commitments from WSSCC and are working to initiate on-the-ground work through sub-grantees to do core GSF work such as sanitation marketing and awareness raising.

For more on the Cambodian programme, visit here.