Global Sanitation Fund Procurement Begins


In August, after much preparatory work over the last year, WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund began the procurement process for Executing Agencies (EAs) and Country Programme Monitors (CPMs) in two Round 1 countries, Madagascar and Senegal.

The procurements represent a significant milestone in GSF implementation, since the EAs will be ultimately responsible for disbursement of funds to sub-grantees for sanitation and hygiene promotion in the respective countries. Other Round 1 countries where the process will begin in coming months include Burkina Faso, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Uganda.

Barry Jackson, GSF programme manager, said, “In-country consultations regarding scopes of work for the Global Sanitation Fund, agreement on terms of reference for the component parts of country programmes, and other preparatory administrative efforts have been extensive and time consuming, but now things are starting to really move.” He added that WSSCC has now developed a series of standard documents and associated procedures, and future country progress and procurements should be swifter and smoother.