Global Sanitation Fund Progress Report, August 2012


A new report from WSSCC about its Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) shows that over 752,897 people have access to and are using improved toilets – a significant increase from 100,000 people with improved toilets featured in a GSF report earlier in February 2012.

The Global Sanitation Fund is being implemented actively in Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Senegal and Uganda. In those countries, 94 sub-grantees have raised awareness of sanitation and hygiene nationally and in a number of regions. As a result of their work, some 2,339,973 people received hygiene messages – a critical result for a sustainable programme of behaviour change advocacy supported by the GSF to ensure transformative change within and across targeted communities.

The Global Sanitation Fund is a multi-donor trust fund established by WSSCC to help large numbers of poor people to attain safe sanitation as services and adopt good hygiene practices. Among other leading indicators – people in over 1,500 communities now live in cleaner environments free of open defecation by 30 June 2012 because of GSF-funded work.

This bi-annual progress report, with a companion video, presents the ongoing results of GSF programme implementation. Download or view by clicking below: