Information letters – WSSCC/UN Women Joint Programme on Gender, Hygiene and Sanitation

61Credit: WSSCC/UN Women/Javier Acebal

WSSCC and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women) are working with the governments of Senegal, Niger and Cameroon to strengthen policies in health, hygiene and sanitation for women and girls.

In terms of service access and use, significant inequalities remain between rural and urban areas, and for marginalized and excluded groups and the most vulnerable people.

Research, capacity development and political advocacy by WSSCC and UN Women are helping to improve economic and social living conditions.

WSSCC and UN Women issue a biannual information letter on programme activities. To subscribe to the mailing list, please send a request to

December 2017

Information letter n°11

Lettre d’information n°11

August 2017

Information letter n°10

Lettre d’information n°10

December 2016

Information letter n°9

Lettre d’information n°9

June 2016

Information letter n°8

Lettre d’information n°8

December 2015

Information letter n°7

Lettre d’information n°7

September 2015

Information letter n°6

Lettre d’information n°6

June 2015

Information letter n°5

Lettre d’information n°5

April 2015

Information letter n°4

Lettre d’information n°4

December 2014

Information letter n°3

Lettre d’information n°3

August 2014

Information letter n°2

Lettre d’information n°2

May 2014

Information letter n°1

Lettre d’information n°1