Malawi: Global Sanitation Fund launch is 8 December


The Government of Malawi and  its Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development, together with WSSCC, will launch the Global Sanitation Fund in the country on Wednesday, 8 December, beginning at 0830 in the Cresta Crossroads Hotel. The Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Water Development will be the guest of honour. 

The Global Sanitation Fund, created by WSSCC, is the world's only multi-donor fund specifically for sanitation and hygiene. It aims to help people around the world to attain sustainable access to basic sanitation and to adopt good hygiene practices.

WSSCC will commit $5 million to the country over the next five years. In the country, the GSF will be managed by Plan International. Earlier this year, WSSCC made similar commitments for sanitation work in Madagascar, Senegal and Nepal.