Private sector engagement in sanitation and hygiene: Exploring roles across the sanitation chain - Thematic discussion: 26th October – 15th November 2015


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Join the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council Community of Practice on Sanitation and Hygiene in Developing Countries (WSSCC CoP) and the global Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) in a joint 3-week thematic discussion on engaging the local private sector in sanitation and hygiene. With over 5,000 network members each working in WASH and related sectors, this thematic discussion promises rich sharing of learning and cross-fertilisation of ideas. The thematic discussion will take place concurrently on both platforms with a coordinator ensuring that content is shared across both communities.

Split into three inter-linked and sequenced sub-themes that explore links between research and practice, the discussion focuses on how and under what circumstances local private sector engagement can ensure sustained health and WASH outcomes. Thematic experts will frame and prompt debates each week as follows:

  • Week 1 (26 Oct - 1 Nov) Raising demand for sanitation and hygiene services will focus on working with the private sector to raise demand through sanitation marketing and financing options including access to household credit, financing for local entrepreneurs or via other means.
  • Week 2 (2 - 8 Nov) Meeting demand at the household level will focus on engaging local entrepreneurs to respond to demand through local entrepreneur engagement around toilet construction and emptying.
  • Week 3 (9 - 15 Nov) Engaging private sector further along the chain will focus on local private sector roles in transport, disposal and reuse.

For each area, key questions revolve around the business models and financing options that hold promise, the role of government and external agencies in enabling and supporting enterprise development, and the design of appropriate regulation for small and medium enterprises.

Join us for the discussion with the following thematic experts:

  • Amaka Godfrey, WEDC Loughborough University
  • Lillian Mbeki, Consultant
  • Emily Endres, Senior Program Associate, Results for Development Institute
  • Nicola Greene, Consultant
  • Hung Anh Ta, PhD Candidate, Asian Institute of Technology
  • Magdalena Bäuerl, Project Officer, hydrophil
  • Andreas Knapp, Managing Director, hydrophil
  • Ken Caplan, Director, Partnerships in Practice (Discussion Co-ordinator)

Weekly summaries of discussions will be posted on the SuSanA and CoP platforms as well as a synthesis report of overarching findings at the end.

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To start our discussion, Dr. Amaka Godfrey and Lillian Mbeki will post some questions for us to consider on raising demand for sanitation and hygiene products and services.

We look forward to constructive discussions and welcome your insights!