Six villages in the region of Matam (Senegal) celebrate ODF status and a major campaign gets launched


Villagers in Matam, a region in Senegal, celebrated a major milestone in the implementation of the community-led total sanitation approach (CLTS), namely the end of open defecation.

The ceremony held on 2 February honored the open defection free (ODF) status of the village. This was the result of 15 months of behavior change communications work on sanitation. Thanks to these efforts, implemented by WHEPSA, an NGO acting as a Sub-grantee for the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF), 22 of 27 villages in the district have been declared ODF.

The ODF ceremony marked ODF status for 6 villages in the area: Ndiakir, Hodio, Asnde Balla, Ouro Mollo, Barga and Agnam Yeroyabe. The event was attended by the Minister of Water and Sanitation of Senegal, Gueye Omar; GSF Program Manager, Mr Mark Willis; CEO of AGETIP Mr Moussa Diarra; President of the coordination mechanism, Mr Adama Mbaye and many guests.

At the same time, a  mass media campaign was officially launched by the GSF / SENEGAL programme and the strategy and communication tools were presented.

The media plan uses mass communication to inform and sensitize people on their hygiene status as well as encouraging sustainable behavior change.