The Uganda Sanitation Fund - Progress Report

The GSF-supported programme in Uganda is led by the government and is known locally as the Uganda Sanitation Fund (USF). The Environment Health Division in the Ministry of Health is the Executing Agency and the 30 District Local Governments are implementing activities on the ground, somein partnership with NGOs to complement activities. A sub-group of the National Sanitation Working Group is the USF Programme Coordinating Mechanism.

The programme targets approximately 5.6 million people in over 9,000 villages, to live in open defecation free environments, and to adopt good hygienic practices. The programme contributes to the National Development Plan objective of increasing access to quality social services and is built on Uganda’s Improved Sanitation and Hygiene (ISH) strategy. The USF Programme is a catalyst to demonstrate that even with limited resources for sanitation and hygiene promotion, immense savings are made by government in addressing the burden of sanitation and hygiene related diseases.

Uganda Sanitation Fund - Progress Report


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Katherine Anderson
Publication date:
March 2015
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