WSSCC unveils Annual Report for 2012


The 2012 Annual Report of the WSSCC is an account of our activities and engagements over the past year. The activities are part of the organisation’s mandate to improve access for the 2.5 billion people without safe sanitation and the 780 people without clean drinking water. The year was characterised by improvements in the delivery of the Global Sanitation Fund and the appointment of Chris Williams as the WSSCC Executive Director in October 2012.


Some key highlights from the report include:

  • The Global Sanitation Fund crossed a major threshold– that of reaching the first million people. Almost 1.4 million people are now with improved toilets thanks to national programmes financed by the Global Sanitation Fund that promote behaviour change, hand washing and in-country coordination;
  • WSSCC’s contribution to collective global leadership in the sector included its active involvement in a number of key sector initiatives such as Sanitation and Water for All and the Nirmal Bharat Yatra;
  • Equity and inclusion were among the core knowledge and advocacy themes that permeated WSSCC’s work, most notably during negotiations for Post-2015 goals and targets.
    WSSCC appointed new National Coordinators who serve as strategic focal points for country level activities;
  • Donor relations and fundraising remained a priority and resulted in constructive engagements with existing donors, additional contributions from the Netherlands and Sweden, and a commitment from a new donor, Finland.

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