25 May 2020

La foi au service de l’assainissement By Alain Tossounon Mobilisation et motivation des communautés et engagement d’un petit groupe d’artisans spécialisés : telles ont été les clés de la réussite du combat récemment gagné contre la défécation à l’air libre dans le village Onklou 2, situé à 50 kilomètres de la commune de Djougou, qui […]

24 May 2020

By Renu Kshetry Communicate effective measures to prevent COVID-19 KATHMANDU, Nepal – Faced with a major challenge of dealing with the possible outbreak of COVID-19, ward officials of Kispang Rural Municipality in central Nepal are using the lockdown period to intensify the ongoing campaign to create awareness of handwashing with soap and water as a […]

23 May 2020

Interview with Alexis Tobada of Benin’s National Water Institute By Alain Tossounon Sociologist and speaker at Benin’s National Water Institute, Mr Alexis Tobada has a long experience in raising awareness for the adoption of hygiene and sanitation practices and, in particular, handwashing with soap and water. In this interview, Mr Tobada expresses his determination to […]

22 May 2020

By Raza Naqvi DELHI, India – An innovator in India has come up with a ‘no touch’ handwashing station to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and conserve water in the process. Tamchos Gurmet in the Leh district of northern India developed a design for better hand hygiene, which enables users to control the flow […]

16 May 2020

Pourquoi le WSSCC évolue-t-il pour devenir le Fonds pour l’assainissement et l’hygiène ? Depuis 1990, les actions du WSSCC ont fortement contribué à la réalisation de services d’assainissement et d’hygiène pour des millions de laissés pour compte. Grâce à notre Fonds mondial pour l’assainissement, nos subventions ont permis à 26,5 millions de personnes de vivre dans des […]

14 May 2020

French translation available here.  1. Why is WSSCC evolving into the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund? Since 1990, WSSCC’s work has significantly contributed to the achievement of sanitation and hygiene services for millions of people left behind. Through our Global Sanitation Fund, our grants have resulted in 28 million people living in open defecation free environments, […]

14 May 2020

Per Eileen Palmer À l’occasion de la Semaine mondiale de la vaccination, célébrée du 24 au 30 avril, le WSSCC a choisi cette année de s’entretenir avec Mme Anuradha Gupta, directrice générale adjointe de Gavi, l’Alliance du Vaccin. Invitée à décrire la mission de Gavi, qui est de sauver des vies d’enfants et de protéger […]

13 May 2020

By Eileen Palmer GENEVA – Commemorating this year’s World Immunization Week between 24 and 30 April, WSSCC interviewed Ms Anuradha Gupta, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. In describing Gavi’s mission, to save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing equitable use of vaccines in lower-income countries, Ms Gupta underscores the vital […]

12 May 2020

By Raza Naqvi A webinar to exchange plans and methodologies to protect vulnerable groups from COVID-19 was hosted in May by the India Support Unit of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) in partnership with the UK’s Institute for Development Studies (IDS), Sri Lanka’s Regional Sanitation Centre (RSC), and the Freshwater Action Network […]

11 May 2020

Statement from Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health, Government of Uganda We are a decade away from 2030 and well off-track to achieve the sanitation and hygiene related targets of SDG 6.2. These targets must be pursued for the good of all, but particularly and urgently to prepare nations to better respond to outbreaks […]

11 May 2020

Déclaration du Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, ministre de la Santé, gouvernement de l’Ouganda Il ne reste plus qu’une décennie avant l’an 2030, et nous sommes encore bien loin de réaliser les cibles de l’ODD 6.2 relatives à l’assainissement et l’hygiène. Ces cibles doivent être poursuivies pour le bien de tous, mais en particulier pour préparer […]

10 May 2020

By Olajide Adelana ABUJA, Nigeria – Nigeria’s music star, Sunny Neji, is reaching out to the people of the country through a new song he has released recently in support of the nationwide effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. In his latest song titled “Together we will beat it,” Mr Neji emphasizes the importance […]