16 June 2017

The session drew attention to sustainable hygiene and health solutions, highlighting policy advances and often-neglected areas of sanitation

16 June 2017

Report on the side session at the 2017 World Health Assembly organized by WSSCC, SCA, the Government of Kenya and WaterAid  

15 June 2017

Le WSSCC a été en mesure de mettre en lumière ses contributions et son rôle uniques au sein des secteurs WASH et du développement

14 June 2017

Meet Freddy the Fly, a video illustrating a community’s journey to open defecation free status – from the fly’s perspective!

14 June 2017

Freddy the Fly poem illustrates the behaviour change journey of reaching open defecation free(ODF) status. Find it here in English and French

8 June 2017

Find out how Josephat Geteya Onchari was triggered to become a key WASH champion for Kenya

6 June 2017

Meet some local government champions in Uganda who are critical to the GSF-supported programme’s success

2 June 2017

Celebrations led by our partners around the world had great effect on MHM Day

31 May 2017

Nupur shares her journey from the fear and isolation of first menses to becoming an MHM champion

28 May 2017

In order to truly break the silence let’s ensure that periods are no longer considered as shameful

26 May 2017

Managing menstruation in a safe and hygienic way can deeply impact the lives and prospects of women and girls

24 May 2017

Le rapport complet de l’évènement organisé par le WSSCC, la SCA, le gouvernement du Kenya et WaterAid est disponible en Anglais.