12 May 2011

Une semaine chargée pour le Fonds mondial pour l’assainissement en Inde

12 May 2011

Mme Anna Tibaijuka, Présidente du WSSCC, et Jon Lane, Directeur exécutif du WSSCC, participe cette semaine à la 4e Conférence des Nations Unies sur les Pays les moins avancés (UN LDC-IV) à Istanbul, en Turquie. 

2 May 2011

Archana Patkar, WSSCC’s Networking and Knowledge Management Programme Manager, is representing the organization this week at the “First Consultation On Post-2015 Monitoring Of Water And Sanitation” from 3 to 5 May in Berlin.  The meeting is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. 

29 April 2011

This week’s global WASH news

29 April 2011

The West Africa WASH  Journalists Network has been formalized today through the election of the seven members of its first Coordinating Committee in Accra, Ghana.

20 April 2011

This report describes the process and presents the findings of the External Review of WSSCC, which was carried out between April 2010 and January 2011.

19 April 2011

The Global Sanitation Fund country programmes in Malawi and Nepal passed important milestones recently, issuing respectively their first request for proposals to sub-grantees for the first funding round. The requests were sent to potential sub-grantees who had responded to an earlier “Expression of Interest.”

14 April 2011

Links to this week’s WASH-related articles from around the world:

8 April 2011

Check out these new video resources from WSSCC.

7 April 2011

In nineteenth-century Europe and North America, diarrhoea, cholera, and typhoid spread through poor sanitation was the leading cause of childhood illness and death; today, such deaths are rare in these regions.

22 March 2011

WSSCC Executive Director Jon Lane is one of the invited keynote and plenary speakers at this week’s STEPS Water and Sanitation Symposium 2011, which is titled “Some for All? Pathways and Politics in Water and Sanitation since New Delhi, 1990.”  

22 March 2011

Cambodian Government and Plan International Cambodia team up to implement the Global Sanitation Fund programme with $5 million from WSSCC.