16 March 2009

En el presente informe se describen los logros alcanzados por el WSSCC en el 2008, así como el crecimiento constante registrado en la organización y en su número de socios y miembros, sin los cuales no sería posible acometer esta misión.

27 February 2009

WSSCC looks at the importance of WASH for people living with HIV/AIDS at both the practical & management level.

27 February 2009

This compilation of resource materials detailing emergency responses in the WASH sector is your first step to preparedness.

14 August 2008

Four talented female journalists from Africa and Brazil –
– including three working primarily in radio — were announced today as winners of the
international WASH Media Awards competition for their excellence in reporting on water,
sanitation and hygiene issues.

13 August 2008

Mr. Barry M. Jackson, a British national with extensive experience in sanitation and in pro-poor financing for development, was announced today as the first Programme Manager of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council’s (WSSCC) new financing mechanism, the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF).

5 June 2008

Over 500,000 tonnes of faeces are openly defecated every day to the environment around the world. That’s enough to fill the 30,000-seat Stade de Genève, where the Euro 2008 football tournament kicks off this weekend, three times over.

28 April 2008

WSSCC examines how the Nepal WASH Coalition has emerged as an advocacy & communications-driven entity.

28 April 2008

As art of the series of WASH Coalition country case studies, this paper focuses on Ethiopia, showcasing the evolution, activities and impact made in recent years.

21 March 2008

En 2007, l’organisation s’est mise en position de tirer parti de son parcours influent et respecté en définissant et en élaborant une nouvelle stratégie sur le long terme, ainsi qu’une structure interne qui fera du Conseil une organisation encore plus résolue, viable, sûre et orientée sur les résultats. La principale décision stratégique prise par l’organe […]

21 March 2008

2007 was an exciting year for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) as we defined and developed a new long-term strategy and internal structure to make us even more purposeful, viable, secure and results-oriented. WSSCC’s elected Steering Committee refocused the organization’s efforts on sanitation and hygiene, establishing a third core department, the Global […]

27 February 2008

In this case study, WSSCC looks at the building of the successful Diorano-WASH Coalition, showcasing the evolution, activities and impact made in recent years.

1 January 2008

This set of advocacy materials was developed to support the WASH campaign in addressing the current water and sanitation crisis, especially in light of the International Year of Sanitation 2008.