18 March 2006

This resource provides practical support to community workers and teachers (ranging from school teachers to public health educators to community nurses etc) who have responsibility for developing and implementing community-based programmes to improve home hygiene standards in the household. Containing all the necessary material to enable you to build your own knowledge and use it […]

15 April 2005

Community organizations working with local NGOs have been responsible for many of the most cost-effective initiatives to improve and extend provision for water and sanitation to low-income urban households. This has a growing relevance within an urbanizing world, with a large and increasing proportion of those with low incomes who lack provision living in urban […]

15 April 2005

One sixth of all Africans who need access to safe water live in Ethiopia. Without improving access to safe water, basic sanitation and hygiene, the MDG targets on infant mortality, girls’ access to primary education and poverty cannot and will not be met. This publication addresses the issue of financing these most vital, basic services. […]

15 April 2005

With almost all of the prevalent killing diseases being water-related, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) promotion is key to development and the alleviation of poverty in Sierra Leone. Unfortunately there is no national policy on water. Available figures suggest only 22% access safe water, and 15% access appropriate sanitation. Currently, though there is aid and […]

7 August 2004

‘LISTENING’ attempts to bring lessons – through the voices of many of those who have been most closely involved – to a wider international audience.

15 April 2004

Hygiene and sanitation remain low on most agendas and are not openly talked. Despite being recognized as a contributing reason as to why around 1 billion people are living without adequate sanitation and hygiene. The “top down” approach of distributing latrines with subsidies, or even free, has not worked. So what’s next? This publication examines […]

21 December 2003

This sourcebook provides you with advocacy tools, practical examples of advocacy work, information on key policy actors and processes, along with how to influence them at local, national and international levels.

16 September 2000

VISION 21 recognizes that if the goal of water, sanitation and hygiene for all is to be achieved, people’s roles must change.

14 February 2000

Vision 21 recognizes that if the goal of water, sanitation and hygiene for all is to be achieved, people’s roles must change. Through its unique collaborative and participatory process, Vision 21 aims to inspire those still without water supply, sanitation and hygiene services to overcome obstacles and initiate action themselves, while calling on their leaders […]

21 March 1998

The objective of this book is to help water supply and sanitation professionals and others who care about advancing sanitation to promote it effectively. It has been prepared for policy makers and strategic planners at national, district and municipal levels who are responsible for securing investments for sanitation and planning, commissioning, monitoring and evaluation sanitation […]