Voices of Members

Our membership reflects the diverse groups of individuals working to make water, sanitation, and hygiene global priorities. As such, it is comprised of individuals who may be working in, or representing,

  • Civil society
  • Local and national governments
  • Academia
  • The development sector
  • UN agencies

Voice of Members

“My association with WSSCC has grown over time along with my interest in sanitation. WSSCC has played a major role in creating awareness in India around sanitation. There’s no doubt that India will improve its sanitation and hygiene conditions with the kind of remarkable improvement we have seen in the last six years, to which WSSCC has contributed.”

Dr Santosh Mehrotr, India

"From the moment I started to provide services with the GSF programme in Madagascar, WASH has become one of the causes I defend. I received training in Community-led Total Sanitation and worked in the field. Now I want my company to be specialized in WASH as I know interpreters and translators are actors in promoting WASH for all."

Adrienne Irma Rabemanantsoa, Madagascar

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches such as Rapid Action Learning. WSSCC facilitates provides opportunities to engage with key stakeholders. It provides a platform to give voice to the marginalised sections of the society, and works extensively on critical issues such as menstrual hygiene management and sanitation.”

Dr Asad Umar, India

“WSSCC has been creating important platforms to make sanitation everyone’s business. In particular, they have offered an opportunity for first-time innovators like me to be recognized. They have helped young entrepreneurs to choose the WASH field, push them forward, get them necessary knowledge and equipment. It’s important that WSSCC continues to raise awareness of the sanitation and hygiene sector.”

Satyajit Mittal, India

“I have been exposed to opportunities that have scaled my career as a young professional in the WASH sector to greater heights. The trajectory is decorated by achievements and milestones that make me indebted as WSSCC morphs to The Sanitation and Hygiene Fund”.

Daniel Karanja, Kenya

Many people who may be considered disadvantaged have benefitted positively from WSSCC’s Global Sanitation Fund (GSF)-supported programmes

Dale Lindsey