MHM Lab Convenor’s Manual (English and French)

The MHM Lab’s aim is simple: to transform menstruation into a matter of pride and help women and girls stop suffering in silence. By enabling safe and hygienic menstrual management (MHM), as well as safe reuse and/or disposal of menstrual hygiene products, the Lab allows women and girls to regain control of a basic but fundamental part of their well-being.
Creating a welcoming yet efficient workshop venue where large numbers of participants can be engaged meaningfully, but within a short timeframe, is a practical necessity for any Lab event. But it’s also important to use your imagination and create a stimulating training session within a holistic, highly visual and interactive space for sharing and learning.

menstrual hygiene lab manual

General Information
Authors: WSSCC Publication Date: 01/12/2019 Publisher: WSSCC No. of Pages: 24

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Authors: WSSCC Publication Date: Publisher: WSSCC No. of Pages: 24