Side-Event Invitation: Realizing the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

Given the significant progress and the ever-increasing attention to women and girls health and access to WASH, it is time to solidify these efforts and elevate ongoing national developments to the UN level. The aim is to ensure the reflection of language on issues such as menstrual health in resolutions, reports and other official documents and to use the resulting official language to feed back into national and global policy and monitoring processes. During the September session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, The Permanent Missions of Germany, Niger and Spain, WSSCC, Columbia University and others have come together to share lessons and approaches to implementing and realizing the human rights to water and sanitation for women and girls everywhere. The session will run for 1.30 hour, and will include short presentations and a facilitated discussion. Download the conference programme here.

General Information
Authors: WSSCC Publication Date: September 2018 Publisher: WSSCC No. of Pages: 3

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