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Member Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find important information related to WSSCC membership and what it means to be a member in this FAQ where we answer your most frequently asked questions.Veuillez trouver des informations importantes sur l'adhésion à WSSCC et apprenez-en davantage sur ce que signifie d’être membre dans ce document où nous répondons à vos questions les plus fréquemment posées.

The Evidence Programme on Sanitation and Hygiene

The Evidence Programme on Sanitation and Hygiene (EPSH) stems from a strategic partnership between WSSCC and the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). Formed in 2014, this partnership features two equally committed parties with vast expertise. As a global membership organization WSSCC embodies the values of collective spirit and solidarity, encouraging collaboration across the board while exercising leadership and bringing diverse voices together as one. By funding rigorous impact evaluations and systematic reviews and by making evidence accessible and useful to policymakers and practitioners, 3ie and WSSCC are helping to improve the lives of people living in poverty.

WSSCC Governance Document

WSSCC General
WSSCC is a membership organization and it relies on its diverse and actively-engaged membership both to direct and to provide credibility for its work. A people-centered approach is the foundation upon which WSSCC is built and this is reflected in its organizational structure at the highest level, the Steering Committee. The WSSCC Governance Document describes the various processes and procedures of WSSCC's Steering Committee and membership, as well as duties of each governance body. This document is formally approved by the WSSCC Steering Committee.

WSSCC Annual Report 2008

WSSCC General
In this Annual Report, you can find out about all the many highlights of WSSCC's year in 2008. Steady growth was the result of a refocus on sanitation, of which there are many more without than there are without water, with fewer voices championing their need. Throughout the year, the backdrop and context for much of WSSCC’s work was The United Nations- 2008 was also a year of massive growth in WWSSCC membership. There were 700 individual members on 1 January 2008. By the end of the year the total was 2,200. The result of increased levels of WSSCC activity, making it more visible and encouraging more people to join, along with greater integration of national coalition membership roles with those globally in the Secretariat. The first full year of implementing the new “three pillar” strategy (the Networking and Knowledge Management, Advocacy and Communications, and Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) departments) has also helped WSSCC make good progress. March saw the launch of the Global Sanitation, with more than US$60 million committed by year end towards its intended $100 million annual turnover.