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For Her It’s the Big Issue – Putting Women at the Centre of Water...

Lack of basic sanitation and safe water is an acute problem for all who live in poor and overcrowded urban slums and rural areas of the developing world. For women and girls it presents unique problems. This report is a collection of evidence, brief examples highlighting the effect and benefits of placing women at the core of planning, implementation and operations of WASH programmes. The experiences also show how women’s empowerment and the improvement of water supply, sanitation facilities and hygiene practice are inextricably linked. One cannot be successfully achieved without the other.Pour elle - c'est la grande question. Placer les femmes au centre des initiatives liées à l'approvisionnement en eau, à l'assainissement et à l'hygiènePARA ELLAS ES EL TEMA CRUCIAL. Colocar a las mujeres en el centro de las iniciativas sobre abastecimiento de agua, saneamiento e higiene