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The strategies explicitly include Menstrual Hygiene Management in their goals


Bridging the gap between research and policies on water issues – ...

This document contains a directory of entities committed to scientific and technological research on water issues that has been produced by CERFE under an Agreement for Performance of Work with the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) signed on July 7th 2005. It is accompanied by a directory of ongoing and recent research projects conducted by the same institutions (vol. II, t. II) and a final report (vol. I). The latter describes the institutional, theoretical and methodological framework of the two directories and provides data on the two sets of research institutes and projects. Readers are thus invited to refer to this report for further information on the methodology employed. The directory contains a sheet for each institution. Sheets are numbered progressively and ordered by geographical area (sub-region) and, within each sub-region, by country in alphabetical order.